“But my servant Caleb has a different attitude than the others have. He hsa remained loyal to me, so I will bring him into the land he explored. His descendants will possess their full share of that land”.
-NLT Numbers 14:24

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“Wholehearted disciples, make wholehearted disciples”.

Compassion Ministry

In the midst of a lockdown where there may be additional needs; and. tomake you aware of processes and procedures, here are some compassion ministry guidelines.

Pastoral Intercession Ministry
Pastoral Compassion Ministry

Priorities for support

  • Members at EN Ruimsig
  • Be part of a connect group
  • Serve on a Sunday ministry team
  • Work through the discipleship growth path
  • Working towards all of the above

Pastoral Care Process

1. Protocol for support

Requests may be made up to a maximum of 3 times per year. After that the following best fir support applies:

  • Pastoral department
  • Discipleship department
  • Compassion ministry

2. Process for support

Email: ruimsig@enjhb.org
Income under R3600pm per family call 0800 428 8364 or email support@gauteng.gov.za
small business support www.gov.za

3. How can the Church help?

  1. Food Parcels – non perishables & toiletries
  2. Financial – on a discretionary basis
  3. Clothing – as needed and as available

4. How can you help

Pray for those in need.

Give food, clothing, time or skills – if you are able legally to get a food parcel to someone in need or leave it somewhere for them plase do so.

Donate financially

5. Banking details

Bank details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please use reference: compassion

6. Covid 19 lockdown

Due to the current lockdown travelling may be a challenge, we will endeavour to support you as best we can within the travel limitations we are facing.

“I will rescue hime, I will protect him, for he acknowledges MY name”.
-Psalm 91:14