We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational community of people who are united in following Christ, fellowshipping with one another and ‘fishing’ for men. We are passionate about seeing a Spirit-empowered, Christ centred, socially responsible church and campus ministry grow in the Ruimsig area.


EN Ruimsig Youth


We see lives, communities and Society transformed through discipleship In the word, the presence and the power of God


We exist to honour God by establishing Christ-centred, Spirit empowered and socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.



We believe that Jesus is Lord of everything. He is the Word that created the world.

He is superior to all others in that He lived a perfectly sinless life and He defeated the devil in all things. He is in charge of heaven and earth and He is the head of the church.


We believe that Christ died for everyone to be saved and the world would be set right. We believe that He has given the church the task of sharing this good news with everyone


We have been commissioned to make disciples of all nations. The church’s job doesn’t stop with evangelism but extends to establishing biblical foundations in new converts’ lives, equipping them to minister and empowering them to make disciples in turn.


We believe that the church is meant to provide spiritual leadership in the nation and that the people that make up the church are meant to lead their environments and the people in their environments to be closer to Christ and to bring His will and way into all of society.


We believe that family is the building block of society. God is a family, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; He uses the blueprint of family to build His kingdom on earth. The church is His family on earth.

Meet the team

Andrew and Carol Gossman, Senior Pastors of Every Nation Ruimsig, have been in ministry for over 30 years. They have three married children and have planted churches in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Windhoek, Namibia. They serve on the city-wide leadership of Every Nation Johannesburg with ten congregations around Jozi. Carol serves on the national leadership team of Every Nation Southern Africa.

Senior Pastors Andrew and Carol Gossman
Andrew & Carol Gossman

Senior Pastors

Samantha Robertson Lead Pastor Pastoral
Samanatha Roberston

HR | Pastoral Ministry | Management team

Zarina Prasadh Prophetic Leader
Zarina Prasadh

Prophetic Ministry | Management Team

Carmen Chituwa
Shawn & Gerda Schmidt

Pre-Marriage | Marriage Ministry | Management Team

Chris & Gudrun Hall
Chris & Gudrun Hall

Management Team

Sam & Jolly Mokorosi
Sam & Jolly Mokorosi

Worship Ministry | Management Team

Carmen Chituwa
Carmen Chituwa

Children’s Ministry | MSA Campus

Carmen Chituwa
Hilma Mueller

Discipleship Ministry | Leadership Development

Geralize Wehmeyer

Youth Ministry | Communications Director