Mens Victory Camp

The campsite is up the road from our Black Eagle Church venue allowing you to choose to sleep over with us at the guest house on the Friday night, or travel through as a Day-Visitor for the Friday night and Saturday.

DAY VISITORS: Travel through to join us FRIDAY 18th (17h30 – 21h00) and Sat 19th (09h00 – 20h30), includes Friday Braai, Saturday Lunch & Supper.  Day Visitor Fee + 3 meals cost R200.

SLEEP OVER: Guest House accommodation provides all bedding, Multiple bathrooms, Kitchen & lounge.  Arrive any time from 16h00 on Friday, leave after Saturday Bonfire (around 20h30). Accommodation fees and 4 meals cost R410.

We are running 2 parallel programs:

  • VICTORY TRAINING – Essential tools to walk in freedom and Victory as men.
  • TRANSFORMED TO THRIVE – Learning how to Think, Live & Love like Jesus.

Please Prioritize Victory Training if you have not yet done it. If you’ve done Victory – Join us for the Transformed Program.

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Booking and payment options

Please make payment via credit card at church or to our church bank account with the reference using your SURNAME plus the Camp option detailed below

Option 1: Victory (Day Visitor)

Cost:  Day Visitor fee + 3 meals + VICTORY Books & materials = Total: R300

Deposit reference = SurnameCAMP1

Student discount available

Option 2: Victory (Sleepover)

Cost:  Accommodation + 4 meals + VICTORY Books & materials = Total: R530

Deposit reference = SurnameCAMP2

Student discount available

Option 3: Transformed to Thrive (Day Visitor)

Cost:  Day Visitor fee + 3 meals = Total: R200

Deposit reference = SurnameCAMP3

Student discount available

Option 4: Transformed to Thrive (Sleepover)

Cost:  Accommodation + 4 meals = Total: R410

Deposit reference = SurnameCAMP4

Student discount available