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‘Hearing God’s Voice’ is a course for anyone who wants to hear God’s voice more clearly and wants to be used in the gift of prophecy. We believe that it is every Christian’s right and privilege to hear God speak to them and to communicate God’s heart to others. We also believe that the Church of Jesus functions best when all its members are hearing God for themselves as well as being encouraged by their brothers and sisters in Christ.
This is not an academic or theological course but a practical one. It is designed to get you prophesying quickly and often. As with most things, we get better at prophecy the more we do it! This course is a safe place to begin and grow in your ability to prophesy. We will teach you how to safeguard accuracy in prophecy while not fearing failure. During this course you will prophesy to many people and you will receive many prophecies. For many of you it will be a life-changing experience, that will cause you to see yourself, others and even God from a different perspective.
Prophecy is a powerful tool for building the Kingdom. Used correctly it always causes increased passion for the Lord and brings encouragement and strength to the areas where we need it.
Prerequisites for joining a prophetic team:
Every Nation, Ruimsig, runs a prophetic team which prophesies at services and during prophetic presbyteries. In order to join this team one must have completed Hearing God’s Voice, the Ignition course and be in a Connect Group.
John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. (NKJV)